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Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 22-26

We had so much fun making apple pies! Thank you for all of your donations and a special thank you to all of our fabulous parent helpers  for ALL of your help baking our pies! It would not have happened without you!  This week we will be making applesauce together! YAY :) 

Another reminder about our upcoming field trip. We will be going to Los Rios Ranch in Oak Glenn on Tuesday, October 7th. We will be leaving school by bus at approximately 8:15 in the morning and returning at approximately 12:30. The students will get to meet Johnny Appleseed, tour the apple orchards, and even make apple cider! In order for our kindergarten classes to go on this field trip (and all future field trips), we are asking for donations to be made to our Dollar A Day program through the school. Unfortunately, if our kindergarten team does not receive donations, we will not be able to go on this wonderful field trip :(  We apologize for any inconvenience, but siblings and little ones are not allowed on this field trip due to the safety of our kindergarten students you will be chaperoning.  Also, be on the look-out for the field trip permission slip that will be coming home in your child's Take Home Folder soon. These are due back to school ASAP in order for your child to go on the field trip.We are so excited for this field trip! Yay!

Please do not forget to donate towards the field trip under Dollar A Day! The link to Dollar A Day is now located on the “Dollar a Day Donations” Tab located at the top of the page.   We will be using Dollar A Day monies for ALL field trips. 

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to chaperone and for  paying your $7 admission fee.  If you haven’t yet turned in your $7 to chaperone please do so ASAP.  The chaperone money is paid directly to your class teacher and NOT to dollar a day.  Thank you!

The Scholastic Book Order was placed on Friday.  If you ordered books they will arrive in our classroom in approximately 2 weeks.

RAZ-Kids: Raz-Kids is our awesome Online Reading program. This is a great website where your children can listen to and read books at their level. With each book, you can also take comprehension quizzes and earn points! With those points, you can play fun games online. All of the information (how much time spent online, books read, and quizzes taken) comes back to me so I can check on your reading at home.

Smarty Ants: Smarty Ants is our online reading program that is individualized to meet the needs of your child. Smarty Ants Reading World is different than other reading games because it considers your child’s individual reading needs, and uses personalized instruction to inspire students to become life-long readers. 

IXL Math: The entire class was able to get onto iXL this past week at school.  Please continue to have your child spend time on iXL at home. 

What Are We Learning This Week?: 

Sight Words: COME, AT, SAID.

Letter Team:  CE/CI (we are learning that the letter C can make a soft sound when it is followed by an E or I like in "cent" and "city").  

Word Family:  -IN. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with the word family -in (bin, fin, tin, etc.) 

Reading: This week, we will continue reading books about apples and Johnny Appleseed, and read our special poem of the week, "Applesauce".  Students are working hard at their independent activities and reading their self-selected "Good Fit Books". We will continue to work on vowels; learning that the letters a,e,i,o,u and sometimes y are vowels.  We are learning long and short vowel sounds.  You can find several vowel activities on gooru to support your child’s learning in this area.

Writing:   This week we will learn what "quotations" are. We will write a big book together about our silly monster friends and use "quotations" when they say something. This big book will be written using the sight words we have learned so far

Math:  We will continue working on 2D flat shapes and 3D solid shapes.  We will explore the number of faces and vertices each 3D shape has and find out which shapes roll, slide and stack.  We will also continue counting money, identify, order, write, and count numbers to 30, learn the days of the week, months of the year, how to read and extend patterns, and identify what number comes next. We will be creating a 3D Shape Museum as part of the Sharing Homework this week.  More information in the Sharing section of Homework.  

Leadership: This month  our theme is "grit". We are teaching that grit is perseverance and passion for long-term goals. We will discuss ways to demonstrate grit at home and at school.


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