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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekly News: January 13-17


No School next Monday, January 20th!!! Enjoy the three day weekend!!

Is Baby Bess a boy or a girl? We are having a very fun "Gender Reveal" on Monday at the end of our day! Have your kiddos dress in pink or blue to guess what baby will be! :) 

We are still in the midst of getting information together about our performance at the Gala this year. The kindergartners will be performing one song (more information soon!) at the ILCS Gala on Friday, February 28 at 5:30 at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino. If you would like to attend the Gala, tickets can be purchased at our Bryant Street Campus school office or online at www.ilfoundation.org/gala. You do not need to attend the Gala in order for your child to participate in the kindergarten performance.  

We have a very special Sharing Homework this week, along with some new sharing rules. Please scroll down or visit the homework tab to learn more about this! 

Students have been doing such a wonderful job on writing last names! If your child is still struggling with this, please practice at home!

Our Scholastic Book Order is due Friday, January 17th. Get those orders in if you would like to order winter books or books for Valentine's Day.

We are collecting empty Capri Sun boxes for a special project next month. If you have any Capri Sun boxes at home, please send them in! Note: if you could please open the boxes at the side (not in the middle around the edges) that would really help us out! Thank you! 

Our "banks" have been a big hit in the classroom! Students are excited to "earn money" for staying on yellow and green, for making good use of classroom time, and for good behavior throughout the day. On Friday, we will have our first visit to the classroom store. Students can trade out their money for larger coins (5 pennies for a nickel, etc) and choose to spend money on a treasure or save it for a larger prize later. Please continue to count money received everyday and reinforce the responsibility of taking care of banks. Also, if you are able, we'd love more prizes for our "class store"!!! Thank you for your continued support!  

Community Service Project: We want to remind you that every student at Inland Leaders is required to participate in a Community Service Project of his or her choosing. The requirement for kindergarten students consists of 6-8 hours of service. These individual Community Service Projects will be due at the end of May, but you might want to start thinking about what you'll be doing now. Please visit our "Community Service Project" tab for more information. 

Upcoming Events:  
Monday, January 20: NO SCHOOL
Friday, January 31: 100th DAY OF SCHOOL! {more info coming later!}

If you are at the store and happen to think of us, we'd love.... 
Canon Printer Ink #210 and #211
Gallon Ziploc Bags 

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team: 
 CK (We are learning that CK makes the K sound and helps the vowel to say it's short sound, like in BACK, NECK, PICK, LOCK, DUCK - notice how all the vowels are the short sound!)

This week we are studying and doing projects with "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. We will discuss and record story elements such as author, illustrator, setting, and characters. We will read books about winter and other stories by the author, Jan Brett. 

Writing:  We will continue working on writing three sentences on the same topic and begin thinking of good topic sentences to begin our writing.

 This week, we will practice counting by 2s and practice decomposing two digit numbers by place value. You can help at home by asking your child, "What is inside of the number 16?" The answer should be, "1 ten and 6 ones" then practice putting that answer into a number sentence, "10+6=16". We will also continue to solve story problems using a variety of manipulatives. 

Leadership: This month, our leadership trait is BOLDNESS. Our kindergarten definition for BOLDNESS is: being brave enough to do what is right even when we are scared.  


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