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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Homework: February 25-March 1

Flashcards: Don't forget to make new flashcards for each sight word and letter team. New words for this week are: THERE, WHERE, THEN, THEY, THEM and the new letter team is: EY. ASSESSMENTS ARE THIS WEEK SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE STUDYING THOSE FLASHCARDS!
Reading: READ your books in your book bag, READ your fluency EVERY NIGHT, READ those old books in your book box, and READ online at RAZ KIDS!!!!!

Math: Correct/Fix circled problems on math homework. Practice addition and subtraction with your child. Practice sorting, counting, and naming the value of coins in your bank. Have your child demonstrate how he/she can trade coins for a larger value coin (example: five pennies for a nickel, etc.) 

Writing: WRITE EVERYDAY! Try writing a Step Up Story with five sentences! 

Sharing: This week, we are sharing two facts/sentences about what we are learning about Abraham Lincoln. Draw a picture to go with your sentences.


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