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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekly News: December 10-14


We had so much fun at Braswells. The students LOVED visiting Santa and we performed our Gingerbread songs for all of the people at Braswells. Thank you so much to the parents that walked with us. 

On Monday, I am opening up my classroom at 1:00 to Tammy and nay other fabulous parents that would like to help prepare our crafts for the Holiday craft fair on Friday. You are welcome to bring your little ones. Please stop by and help make this a wonderful event! 

On Friday, December 14th from 3-6 at CSC, we have our ILCS School Holiday Craft Fair! Come by and support our school by buying hand-made gifts for the holidays!!! 

Our ILCS Holiday performance has changed!! It will now be taking place on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH AT 5:30 in our church sanctuary (we are now calling this the "cubs' den" since it is on our K-1 campus :) The Kindergarten Classes will be performing at 5:30. I would recommend getting to the church at 5:00 for a spot to sit! Your children will be sitting with you then asked to join their class on stage when it is kindergarten's turn to sing! 

Wednesday, December 19th is Grandparents Day at ILCS! We invite all grandparents who are able, to join us in the Lion's Den at 8:15. Our classes will perform a few songs and our principal will give a short presentation. Grandparents are then invited to join us in class for a fun activity with the children and to watch our learning take place!

Our "Tale of the Gingerbread Man" rehearsals are going well! We are having so much fun learning all of the fun songs and hand motions. The kindergarten classes will be performing this play on Thursday, December 20th. Mrs. Stanley and Miss Reeve's classes will begin at 8:45. We hope you are able to come to this wonderful event. Your children have been working hard! 

Upcoming Events:  
Monday, December 10: Craft-Making in Miss Reeve's class at 1:00!
Friday, December 14: Holiday Craft Fair
Tuesday, December 18: School Holiday Performance 5:30 in our "Cubs' Den" (church sanctuary)
Wednesday, December 19: Grandparents Day 
Thursday, December 20: Gingerbread Man play AND Christmas Centers 

If you are at the store and happen to think of us, we'd love.... 
Canon Printer Ink #210 and #211
Staples Heavy Duty Sheet protectors 
Christmas Treasure Box prizes and stickers 

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team: 
 INK (like in PINK, SINK).

This week, we will also read books about the holidays, Santa, and our poem of the week, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town". 

Writing:  We will continue to work on our "Writer's Checklist" - a list of things that all good writers do, such as proper punctuation, uppercases at the beginning of a sentence and name, finger spaces between each word, spelling word wall words correctly, adding details, making sure our writing makes sense, and trying our best! We will read this checklist everyday to make sure we are applying each of those skills in our writing.

This week, we will complete our Saxon Math Curriculum. After the holidays, we will be working in math groups on a 1st Grade Math Curriculum, Excel! The students have been doing well with the MATH TIMED TESTS. Students are timed on addition skills and move up levels at their own pace. Some of our friends are already on +4!!!  We will continue to practice addition "DOUBLES" in our fun DOUBLES SONG. My goal for all students is to memorize all the doubles facts. Please work on basic addition (stories!) and doubles at home. Please also continue to reinforce LEFT and RIGHT with your child.  

Leadership: We will continue talking about ways that we can show gratefulness during the holiday season. 


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